Transit Signal Priority: Handbook

Our streets and highways are getting more congested as the population grows and more cars enter the transportation system. It is in the best interest of all to improve public transit service so that more travelers will utilize transit freeing up space on our streets, diminishing our dependence on fossil fuels, and improving air quality.

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GTT patents link between legacy IR and modern GPS systems

The Opticom multimode phase selector allows easier upgrades, more cooperation  Global Traffic Technologies, LLC has been issued a U.S. patent for its Opticom multimode phase selector technology, which allows traffic signal priority control systems to work with both legacy infrared and modern GPS-enabled communication technologies. The multimode phase selector is a crucial component for Transit Signal…

Cape Canaveral Benefiting from Opticom GPS

Cape Canaveral Benefiting from Opticom GPS

System provides priority to emergency vehicles at intersection for improvements in operational safety and response times. Published first on International Fire Fighter CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – GTT has contracted with the City of Cape Canaveral, Florida for the implementation of its latest-generation GPS-enabled Opticom pre-emption solution. The Opticom Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption (EVP) system works alongside…