Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption

When Every Second Counts

There’s no time to wait. Emergency responders need to respond to every emergency as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) suite of products enables first responders — even those from neighboring communities — to navigate congested intersections more effectively. When every second counts and lives are on the line, first responders choose Opticom.
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Opticom Schedule Adherence Suite for Transit

Making Cities More Accessible; More Livable

As millennials are rapidly moving back to cities, the challenge isn’t how to simply survive the flood of people moving to urban areas; the real question is how transit leaders can capitalize on this incredible sweeping change. For many transit professionals, the quest to achieve elegant urban density becomes a career-defining challenge that adds new strategic dimensions to daily decisions. GTT works closely with city leaders and transit organizations around the world to solve critical traffic challenges urban centers are facing, now and in the future.
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Opticom Central Management Software (CMS)

Monitor, Maintain and Engage from the Desktop

Cities deploy traffic signal priority control to help emergency responders and transit agencies improve service levels and add value to infrastructure investments. Opticom CMS ensures it runs more efficiently, while reducing operating costs for the community.  With built-in intelligence — including real-time alerts, customized reports and automated diagnostics — Opticom CMS offers incredible convenience from the desktop. Retrieve activity logs, manage security controls, upgrade firmware and troubleshoot equipment, without sending technicians into the field.
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Canoga Traffic Sensing Systems

Uncover New Ways to Improve Traffic Flow

Canoga traffic sensing systems provide traffic engineers with real-time traffic data — such as vehicle counts, speeds and even types of vehicles — so they can make more informed decisions regarding traffic flow throughout their city. The Canoga traffic sensing suite of solutions provides traffic engineers fast access to real-time data, which allows them to leverage resources and make better decisions.
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