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Move toward becoming a “Smart City” with award-winning Opticom™ Analytics for public transit agencies

Transit agencies now have access to a powerful new tool that can help to speed up travel times and improve ridership with the release of Opticom Analytics for Public Transit from Global Traffic Technologies (GTT). The web-based platform can help agencies assess performance, reveal problem areas and make corrections to provide faster, more efficient transit…

Driving operational decisions with analytics Webinar

Join GTT’s product manager, Chad Mack, for a replay of his recent presentation, “Driving Operational Decisions with Analytics” at the 10th annual Growing Sustainable Communities Conference.
Chad shares case studies that explore how cities use intelligent transportation tools to change the way their communities move. Discussion topics include the new roles of public safety and transportation, how data generated from priority control systems is turned into useful insights to move public vehicles quicker and more efficiently, and how analytics can help to address future challenges associated with growing cities.

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EMS World Expo 2017

October 16th-20th, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada Join GTT at the 2017 Emergency Services World Expo. Stop by and see us at booth 2107. Global Traffic Technologies LLC’s Opticom™ Analytics platform has been selected as an Innovation Award finalist at the EMS World 2017 Expo, which runs October 16-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. EMS World Expo…