Global Traffic Technologies, LLC (“GTT”) offers the following exclusive limited warranty coverage for its Canoga Traffic Sensing System and Canoga™ Vehicle Detectors (“Canoga™ Products”). This warranty is made for the exclusive benefit of the original End User of the Product and shall not accrue to the benefit of any other user, third party or dealer unless otherwise required by law.


The Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System includes Canoga 702 Non-invasive Microloop™ Sensors, Canoga 701Microloop Sensors, Canoga 30003 Home-run Cable, Canoga Traffic Monitoring Cards (all two-channel and four-channel models) and installation components. This coverage also applies to Canoga C900 Series and 9004 Vehicle Detectors (all two-channel and four-channel models).

Warranty Period

The Warranty Period for GTT’s Exclusive Limited Warranty on all Canoga Products is 7 years from date of shipment by GTT per the terms below.

Exclusive Limited Warranty

GTT warrants that, during the warranty period described above, its Opticom system will deliver the same level of system operability and functionality as defined in the published GTT specifications applicable to the version of components purchased. Warranty Exclusions: This warranty shall not apply to (A) incandescent lamps (confirmation lamps) or (B) to any defect or impairment of operability or functionality resulting from or caused by: (1) alteration, misuse, incorrect installation, neglect of the system or damage due to an accident; (2) repair or modification of the system by persons not authorized by GTT; (3) extreme atmospheric or weather conditions; (4) events or use outside the normal or anticipated course; or (5) improper packaging or damage during shipment by the end-user customer or party other than GTT. In addition, the Opticom system integrates an array of matched components. GTT has designed, developed and tested Opticom system components as part of a matched component system. To ensure system integrity and optimal performance, the emitters, detectors, radios/GPS components, detector cables, phase selectors/discriminators and system software must all be GTT components. The use or integration of any GTT system with any non-GTT component shall void all GTT warranties with respect to such GTT system.

Sale and use of the Opticom system is expressly restricted to authorized agencies of government customers, within their specific jurisdictions. However, because the signal generated by the Opticom system is not exclusive, GTT does not warrant exclusive activation by purchaser. Authorized users desiring to use or coordinate use of the Opticom system with that of other jurisdictions must first obtain the prior written approval of each authorized user in the jurisdiction where use is sought.

Warranty Claim Process: Contact your authorized Opticom dealer, or contact GTT technical service at 800-258-4610 or download a warranty & services request form at Outside of the United States, please contact our headquarters in St. Paul, MN at 651-789-7333