Leveraging once-in-a-generation infrastructure investments

The last two years have seen historic, federal funding legislation by the U.S. government to make lasting investments in American infrastructure. Many programs authorized by these laws give agencies “broad latitude” to use discretionary funds to replace revenues decimated by the pandemic. Now, more than ever is time for state and local governments to take advantage of this incredible funding opportunity.


We’ve created a Federal Funding Guidebook to help municipal leaders understand how a solution like priority control can add value to their infrastructure investment planning.

Use this guidebook to help you:

  • Understand how you can use available federal funding to procure a solution that improves safety for first responders and vulnerable road users.
  • Access to helpful links and a quick glimpse overview of all Federal Funding opportunities available to your community today.
  • Learn the basics of preemption and transit signal priority and the benefits of implementation.
  • Provide a meaningful ROI for your community, including more reliable transit service, safer and faster emergency response, and more efficient traffic operations.

Hear more about federal funding options on our GTT podcast


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