Intelligent Transportation

Solutions for today and the future

The need for intelligent transportation is on the rise. Cities across the United States — and around the world — are racing to build living spaces and infrastructures to capitalize on an unprecedented wave of urbanization. Statistically, the number of megacities (populations greater than 10 million) grew from two in 1970 to ten in 1990, then more than doubled to 23 in 2010. That number is expected to surge to 37 by 2025. These cities already drive more than 60% of the world’s gross domestic product, so the economic implications of winning or losing the race are significant.

At the same time, technology is improving at an exponential rate. Millions of devices in these cities are capable of collecting and exchanging data as part of the expanding Internet of Things (IoT).

In order to make these communities sustainable and livable, planners and businesses are developing intelligent transportation systems. Smart cities of today and the future need to connect vehicles to infrastructure, use data and analytics for smarter decisions and utilize traffic sensing to improve safety and efficiency. Solutions need to solve today’s problems yet be able to handle emerging technology. No matter the transmission method — cellular, WiFi, DSRC, radio — communications need to be reliable and secure.

Communicate between vehicles and infrastructure

Reliable requests no matter the communication method

Get more data without more equipment

Cloud-based analytics for smarter decisions and reporting

Control with just a click

Monitor and maintain system performance remotely

Deploy smart solutions for today and the future

Dynamic development to meet the changing needs of smart cities
How Opticom and Canoga can provide

Smart solutions for any application

Experience more than five decades of V2I innovation

Make smarter decisions with data and analytics

Utilize traffic sensing to improve safety for cars, bikes and airplanes


Built to meet the needs of smart cities of all sizes, Opticom and Canoga systems
offer reliable technology for today and flexibility for the future.


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