Intelligent insights help optimize your operations

Unnecessary slowdowns along a transit route can cause on-time performance to drop and negatively impact ridership. Make sure you understand where and why your transit vehicles are slowing down and optimize your Opticom system to bring vehicles back on schedule.

Opticom Analytics provides transit agencies with an easy means to evaluate route and vehicle performance, assess dwell and travel times, review operational trends and quantify the overall productivity of a Transit Signal Priority system.

Make sure your agency is meeting key performance goals by understanding how your system is operating with Opticom Analytics.

Assess performance

With Opticom Analytics, you have an easy means to evaluate real-time and historic vehicle performance, assess route and intersection statistics, review operational trends and quantify the overall productivity of your TSP system.

The GPS-enabled vehicle equipment collects data as your vehicles travel their routes, letting you know how much time you spend at each point along the way.

Reveal problem areas

Mapping functions in Opticom Analytics can help reveal problem intersections that impact on-time performance and ridership. Agencies can optimize their routes and priority system in order to improve service and rider satisfaction.
Insights generated from Opticom Analytics can be used to track system performance across an entire service area.

Make corrections

Transit agencies can use the insights to optimize their operations while minimizing impacts to everyday traffic.
Further, the trip information and insights generated by Opticom Analytics can be used during audits and to justify system expansions and route adjustments.


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