Harness the power of intersection data with an open, extensible hardware platform.

Opticom Signal Core is a hardware platform that provides powerful processing capability at the intersection. Agencies can use Signal Core data to inform decision-making, improving operations and the lives of all road users. The device’s open nature allows for easy upgrade to services such as priority control (EVP and TSP) through Opticom Cloud, and intersection detection and actuation. Signal Core is the premier catalyst for big data when teamed with additional applications.

Signal Core features

Cabinet alerts and monitoring

Corridor travel time for all WiFi-enabled vehicles

Live telemetry views

Preemption and priority requests (discrete or NTCIP)

Priority reports, including preemption counts

Regular remote software updates

Opticom Signal Core is an extensible, open and compact platform that enables data-driven insights for improved mobility.

Download the spec sheet

Take a deeper dive into what’s inside the Opticom Signal Core platform. Ensure compatibility and connectivity with your existing (or future) infrastructure.


Take a deeper dive

Listen to a podcast detailing the partnership between GTT and Miovision that lead to the release of Opticom™ Signal Core.

Dave Brown, a product manager at Miovision, and Josh Lehman, a product manager at GTT, discuss the partnership between the two companies that has resulted in a priority control solution with intersection cabinet monitoring. Opticom Signal Core leverages Miovision’s open innovation platform to deliver proven applications like Opticom software-based, centralized priority control. It empowers traffic engineering departments to enable priority control and meet their Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) without having to add duplicative hardware devices or rip out existing infrastructure investments.