Transition seamlessly, evolve efficiently

Cities change. They grow. They evolve. The Opticom multimode priority control system ensures transit services keep pace. Use it to build goodwill with the community without compromising resources or the budget.

The Opticom multimode system offers complete interoperability with legacy IR and radio-enabled technologies. It enables cities to deploy Transit Signal Priority (TSP) enhancements with out-of-the-box affordability and the power of a configured solution that’s tailored for seamless scalability. It gives traffic engineers and transit agencies more information, more power and more control.

Multimode components bridge the gap for regions with varying types of priority control. Your transit agency can deploy a signal priority solution using the same intersection equipment that the fire department installed for preemption. Agencies can work together to leverage technology across an entire region to phase in smarter traffic management solutions for every department.

Combine multimode components with Opticom Central Management Software (CMS) to give traffic engineers access to data-driven information in real time, so they can make informed decisions to improve schedule adherence, minimize fuel consumption and reduce operating costs.

Trigger signal preemption when using multiple activation technologies
Migrate to a more efficient transit signal priority system
Accommodate system expansion seamlessly and economically
Leverage legacy equipment while maximizing the efficiencies of new technologies
Generate and analyze reports across systems, technologies and communities

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