It’s time for a smarter direction in public transport.

In growing communities, the need for reliable public transportation has left many agencies wondering:

  • Can we keep up with demand without compromising service levels?
  • How do we improve the rider experience and satisfaction?
  • How can we reduce fuel costs while stretching our fleet further?

We’ve helped cities of all sizes address their public transportation needs. We can help you, too. Please join us for a discussion about how you can increase rider satisfaction and improve efficiencies. We’ll show you how to make transit smarter.

GTT1211_Webinar_emailLayout_v1_02What’s driving recent trends in urban communities—and what do those trends mean for your agency? Which technologies will shape the future of public transit?

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GTT1211_Webinar_emailLayout_v1_04Find out how to improve on-time performance and headway compliance while controlling costs. We will demonstrate techniques that will improve on time performance without operator intervention or distraction.

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GTT1211_Webinar_emailLayout_v1_06Discover how technology has helped other cities improve their transit operations. We offer proof that it works — with real-world results from successful applications.

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