Why Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) is the “X” We Should All Be Aiming For

Our opportunity to secure a smart, connected future is at risk, but quick, mass adoption of V2X technology can help.

V2X is the standard of communication for vehicles to the world around them. It increases road users’ safety and improves sustainability and operational efficiency; however, these benefits are minimal without the majority of vehicles and roadway infrastructure utilizing them.

Learn more about the benefits of V2X technology and the steps necessary for widespread adoption. We can change the future of ITS safety and sustainability, but it’s up to you to spread the word.

Will you be a V2X Champion?

What’s next after reading our latest white paper about the importance of V2X technology? This technology can open the doors to broad use cases that will greatly improve safety and sustainability in our world. The key to securing the connected future is the broad adoption of the C-V2X standard. Global Traffic Technologies is developing new technology to ensure we maintain bandwidth on the 5GHz spectrum, but it is up to you to help.

With the Opticom X processor, deployment at a larger and faster scale is possible. Book a call with a GTT expert to discuss how this processor works with existing Opticom devices, third-party RSUs, and OBUs through C-V2X.


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