Bicycle detection and classification in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is consistently recognized as one of the top five bicycle-friendly cities in North America. The city is host to the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota as well as many other universities, and numerous high-tech startups. The city’s traffic division is taking a proactive approach in dealing with bicycle traffic in the city, knowing that a cyclist could sit at an intersection undetected, waiting for a car to approach to activate the signal.

Canoga Traffic Sensing improves safety at rural intersections

Nearly 70 percent of fatal vehicle collisions in Minnesota, as well as other states, occur on roads in rural communities, where higher speeds, varying terrain and inconsistent sightlines can put many drivers in danger. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is working toward making rural roads safer by using a Canoga™ Traffic Sensing solution to warn at-risk drivers when cross traffic is approaching.