Managed Services

Maximize your resources

Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) offers a suite of management options to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Opticom priority control solution is always operating at peak performance, while allowing you to tailor the solution to your organization’s specific objectives. Opticom Managed Services is a “turn-key” solution that is built on four comprehensive and complementary pillars of service that can provide everything from basic monitoring and reporting to corrective action.

While Opticom products are known for their long life and low maintenance, many factors outside the scope of the Opticom solution can result in the system not operating with maximum effectiveness.

Even when your Opticom system is operating at peak performance, you may need to create reports confirming this in order to satisfy funding requirements. With manpower restrictions in many organizations today, allocating staff to perform routine checks on support systems or to measure performance is not always practical. Similarly, seeking grants to fund capital purchases can be time consuming and have unpredictable outcomes. For a single annual subscription fee, Opticom Managed Services removes these burdens from your organization and can provide everything from basic monitoring and reporting, to corrective action and all the way to a fully functional Opticom system offered as a service, in most cases without any capital investment.

GTT’s Opticom Managed Services Include:

Vehicle and Intersection Installation & Configurations

A GTT authorized technician will perform a needs assessment and propose a specific solution, the scope of work will be documented, outlining the specifics of the solution and how it will be deployed. Upon completion of the scope of work, the main and service level agreements will be executed, at which point the project will kick off. The kickoff team will consist of GTT and customer resources, including project managers on both sides. The project managers will own the development and management of the project plan and the implementation team’s activities, including all the vehicles and intersections included in the scope of work.


Once the system has been fully implemented and goes live, Opticom Central Management Software (CMS) provides a powerful tool to monitor and maintain an efficient solution. Whether monitoring the use of the system, optimizing performance, modifying system configuration, or repairing parts of the system that have become inoperable, Opticom CMS is a fully-functional, centralized management solution with full reporting capability.

While anticipated to be hosted at a secure GTT facility in most situations, Opticom CMS can be deployed with a variety of IT and management strategies in mind. When hosted by GTT, a full set of security and encryption technologies and schemas will be deployed upon installation, ensuring industry-standard protection against unauthorized access, viruses, data loss, etc.

System Monitoring

Opticom Managed Services professionals are experts on the Opticom system and once the system has been deployed, they’ll proactively monitor performance to ensure optimized results in the field. Upon discovery of needed service work, the managed services team will contact the help desk and open a service ticket.

Help Desk

Whether contacted proactively by the Opticom Managed Services team, or reported reactively by a customer directly, all service work is dispatched by the help desk, which uses a comprehensive system to manage service tickets and the work performed, in addition to tracking all activity for historical reporting purposes.