Webinar: Migrating to new preemption technology

Webinar: Preemption path: Migrating from legacy to modern solutions

Join GTT’s presales engineer Liam Kearns as he shares examples of cities that are migrating to new technologies without having to rip and replace existing solutions. This webinar will discuss Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption technology and procurement methods and will include time for questions from attendees.

A new way to get the green light

Webinar: A new way to get the green light

Join GTT’s presales engineer Liam Kearns as he walks through the ways GTT can deliver preemption to your city. Then feel free to ask questions about how priority control can work with your existing infrastructure to deliver faster, safer and more efficient vehicle movement.


Worry-free priority control webinar

What is Priority Control as a Service and how can it help you focus on saving lives, and let us focus on ensuring you get their quickly and safely?
Join GTT’s Evan Artis, for this 30-minute webinar to learn how you can take the worry out of priority control.


Driving operational decisions with analytics

GTT is proud to announce the launch of Opticom Analytics to help you make smarter decisions about how your team responds to emergencies.
To better understand the capabilities of this web-based software, GTT’s product manager, Chad Mack, created this 30-minute webinar.