Payment Options

Smarter ways to save

GTT empowers cities and helps them solve their most critical traffic related problems. With innovative options for purchasing GTT solutions, you can quickly realize savings. All options can include up-front and/or ongoing managed services.

Although capital budgets are sometimes scarce, there is also a cost associated with doing nothing.



When a budget is allocated to the project, equipment can be purchased outright, either paid in full upon delivery of the goods, or following other agreed terms.


Capital leasing is a typical financing option with a principal rate and interest. This is similar to purchasing a car with financing.


Subscription plans allow you to pay for service as you go. Generally it is a comprehensive solution, with all services included. Ownership rights do not transfer to the user.

GTT’s subscriptions typically include hosting, remote monitoring, performance-tuning, upgrades/updates, repairs and replacements, reporting, helpdesk support and all the hardware and software needed to enable the solution. More details can be found on our Managed Services page.