Manage cyclists on your roads

Cycling is more than just a recreational activity. In addition to physical fitness, many people are switching to bicycles for commuting.

Cities are taking on more responsibility to accommodate these vehicles on their roads. Some are adding specific bike lanes and road-sharing options. With the increased activity, cities need to find a way to keep cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles safely using the same roads.

Canoga bicycle detection can help cities determine the need for these types of lanes or road sharing and provide them reports on how many people are using them.

Using newly installed or existing standard inductive loops, the Canoga system can detect bikes in dedicated bike lanes. When required, a dedicated output can be configured to indicate detected bicycles. Canoga systems measure vehicle and bicycle presence — along with count and roadway occupancy — with industry-leading accuracy and reliability through superior inductive vehicle detection. In addition, Canoga can provide specific bicycle-related data, so you can promote bicycle use by providing priority to cyclists and encouraging a greener city.


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