Optimize traffic signal performance

Maximize the safe flow of vehicles through an intersection by optimizing the performance of the traffic controller. Canoga traffic sensing technology can be deployed to detect vehicles approaching, stopping at and passing through the intersection.

The most common application is stop-bar detection, which senses the presence of vehicles and bicycles at the right of way.

Advanced detection is often used to prepare the traffic controller for vehicles that are hundreds of feet from the intersection or to sense whether there are severe backups.

System detectors often refer to thru-side sensors, used primarily to provide traffic engineers with counts, so that time-of-day and day-of-week controller programming can be adjusted and optimized.

With Canoga systems, a single loop can be used as a multi-purpose vehicle detector. With an inductive loop or Microloop as its detection sensor, Canoga can detect vehicles for ITS applications and transmit other critical information for data analysis, storage and communications — making it more valuable than detection-only alternatives.


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